Heart Avail 3-18-15

With a powerful sound like theirs, it’s no wonder this band is # 1 on ReverbNations local chart. I was unable to attend any shows this week due to some pressing family matters, so I scowered the “nation”

In search of something that would grab a hold of me and demand an ear.. After thoroughly listening to about 7 different bands or so, I happened upon this little gem. Now what catches my attention the most would have to be the way I feel while I listen to the music. I’m immediately taken back to high school- listening to Godsmacks “Voodoo” playing in my friend Tonja’s basement while we drank mikes hard lemonade under a black light- ha! We thought we were total badasses… Anyways, this was close to the time frame Evanescence hit it big. How can you forget the chills you got from hearing Amy Lee belt out lyrics to songs such as “haunted” and “tourniquet”? Similarly, Heart Avail drew me in for the taking. I can’t help but feel like I’m listening to the calm before the storm however- as if the singer is carefully holding her voice back rather than pushing it outward, saving her full capacity for the ‘Grand finale’. With incense lit and headphones in place, I dove into the 17 songs from this intriguing band. From original songs to catchy remakes there wasn’t anything that stood out as lacking. I especially enjoyed their take on “sweet dreams” (what can I say? I’m a sucker for the Eurythmics), it was different than other versions I’ve heard before, including the almost Erie voices howling in the background. I’m definitely eager to hear these guys in person and get the full effect- they are playing at the Pinnacle NW on the 30th, or you can check them out on reverbnation. Thanks for stopping by and reading my take on local music ^_^ Hope to see you all at metal slam this weekend!


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