Banish The Echo


About a month ago a stumbled across BTE on Reverbnation while researching our local musicians. Intrigued by their name, I wanted to know their sound.. The first sample I found was a video of front man and guitarist Shaiden Hutchman with an acoustic version of their song “Tear me apart” and I was pretty well hooked. Their next show was April 11@ the Palamino.. Grr. On the back burner for now..

As my 30th birthday aproached, a good friend of mine suggested having a local group do an acoustic set at my party and we landed on the Banish Boys (conveniently, as Riley had already RSVP’d that he was going), couple that with an Invasive set and I WAS STOKED. I briefly met Shaiden and Riley that night shortly before they performed- so how was it? *Giggle* well, as you will see in the pics, I wasn’t disappointed. They provided a great mix of covers as well as originals in a fluid set. I was able to join them again for the Palamino event, this time with new addition: bassist Jeremy Ross- which amped things up to a whole new level. For the life of me, I can’t understand why these guys aren’t rocking sold out shows! These three were nice enough to sit down with me for an interview this afternoon and it was insightful to say the least. I’ve come up with a pretty consistent line of inquiries that I feel are both thought provoking and can really create a picture of the artist responding, here are a few highlights:

Jeremy decided upon hearing Neil Young’s “Heart of gold”, that it was his calling to wear a straw hat and be in a band- whereas Shaiden was lead through the captivating performances in church growing up, and Riley was inspired by his very first concert seeing the great Neil Diamond.The Banish Boys share a mutual belief/view that music IS emotion, passion, therapeutic, and a story that is painted fragment by fragment in each song. One thing is undeniable- they HAVE musical passion. You can catch them at the upcoming greenfest after party on the 24th at Spike’s, and May 2nd at the Palamino. And now I will simply leave you with this quote Riley shared with me today, catch you next week Lovey’s 😉

” I would rather die for what I believe,  than live a life without meaning.”- Life Cycles by The Word Alive


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