Bridge to Grace/ Invasive

I have to say that this week, there’s a toss-up on who I would like to discuss.. For those of you that saw the show this weekend- I feel that you’ll agree with me here. Of corse, I could ONLY be reffering to none other than GA’s Too Broke To Rock Season 6 kick off with Like A Storm, Bridges To Grace, and our very own local boys from Under Sea Over Stone and Invasive. Wow, and I do mean WOW- set after glorious set, each band brought their “A” game didn’t they?! The energy Saterday night is rivaled by none that I’ve expirienced before- a nice easy start with our openers, followed by a swift kick in the fucking teeth from Invasive- don’t get me wrong, I knew they wouldn’t dissapoint, but I honestly didn’t expect what transpired- WE the FANS brought OUR “A” game as well! How so? Song after song I was in awe to see/hear everyone at the knit singing along, word-for-word.. That, coupled with the Energy from Rob, Ryan, Shane, Randy and Gary’s undeniable Stage presence, made for one hell of a good time.

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for these guys- having watched them grow and evolve over the past two years- but saturday night these local bad boys came HUNGRY and most certainly made it known to everyone watching. From the moment Gary Cooks voice echoed through the speakers all the way to the very last riff from Shane’s guitar, who DIDN’T have chills?? I like to talk about passion and how vital it is in this cookie-cutter-industry to set yourself apart- Invasive did nothing but ooze passion through its very pores while we all danced around in the afterglow. Killuminati has become our battle cry and Heartbeat our victory song… Well done, Invasive- we’re listening.

Who else are we listening to? Well hands down, my answer is Bridges To Grace, all the way from Georgia. These four boys from the South came to town to show Spokane what Southern passion looks and sounds like! After a captivating performance, I was honored with the priveledge of some one-on-one time with the four handsom devils in an exclusive interview. First and foremost, I cant thank Christian, David, Justin and Alex enough- not only for being so easy to talk with, but for spending hours in the freezing downtown night in less than ideal conditions.. Rather than sitting inside the bar with drinks in hand, together we instead huddled around garbage cans outside Underground 15, amidst Spokanes finest “lurkers”, beautiful Drag Queens, and even a twerking hippy or two! The smiles and laughter we got to share will not soon be forgotten, that’s for sure.
So, what did these shockingly humble gents have to say to Daisy Devine?
Why don’t I just share the interview…First question: What’s changed from the music you listened to as a child VS what you listen to now, and how does it influence your musical stylings today?Christian- Music has really been all over the place for me, from rock to ska to 90’s music. I was really into 311 for a while- but being with this band has really pulled me back into rock again. I would have to say that hearing Sevendust is what sold me on rock though, once I heard them it was over.

Alex- Ya, I would have to say the same thing actually- except no 311. Greenday and Sevendust sold me.
Justin- Well I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, so I listened to a lot of that. I got into Nirvana and Pearl Jam, then into the harder stuff like Pantara and Metalica

David- Honestly, I’ve always just listened to music I can relate to- it could be anything- you listen to the stuff on the radio now and its all very adaptable, which is exactly what we aren’t trying to be, adaptable.

What image do you try to convey to your audience and why did you chose that image?

Christian- We wear all black so that there is no distraction from the music, its like we’re coming out on stage as a blank canvis.

Alex- Exactly. We are representing just plain rock. No logos, nothing to talk about- just the music.

Justin- We wanted to make it simple but cool- and it’s awesome cause after the show we look like four cool friends.
(Everyone had a pretty good laugh at that)

David- (we were all pretty…cold- ya, cold.. so it took a minute to apreciate the depth of this question, but after some random side-chatter we were able to get back on point, lawlz)
Unity. *plagerized off of me* Unity not only through being in a band, but we the band ARE united as one. (we’ll understand if you also have to fully apreciate the depth that these answers really have)

What’s been your groups biggest obsticle to date, and how did you overcome it?

Group- Time. It takes a LOT of time, and a lot of patience to get to where we are right now. Too many artists get to skip ahead and cant apreciate the value of the wait and hard work.

Beautifully answered. As noted by Christian, you can really derive a lot about someone through the answers they give- and what i got from these boys was guenuine and passionate, what about you?
Now for the last two questions- these are a bit more ‘out of the box’…

The world is ending in 5 minutes- you’re chosen to play the very last song anyone hears- what song do you pick and why?

Christian- Boheman Rhapsody.
Alex- Same!
Christian- No, wait..Blind Melon- No Rain
Justin- Silver Wings by Thrice
Christian- I got it! Souls of Black, Testiment.
David- Okay it may sound cliche or ‘done before’, but just that intro! ( begins humming the start of ACDCs Highway To Hell) because no one deserves to die without first hearing that guitar riff
Christian- Yes! What he said.
Me-To be fair David- I’m pretty sure ‘the end of the world’ hasn’t been done before- so I think you’re safe.

And finally: There’s a Penguin standing right here in a sombrero- what does he say and why is he here?

Alex- Welcome to club Penguin
Christian- Hey! Check out my mix tape..because he wants me to check out his mix tape.
Justin- What’s up? I’m Pedro- do you have any fish tacos?
David- Bring on the tacos bitch and make that shit authentic cause it’s the only way to go.

Couldn’t have said it better myself David- authentic, its the only way to go- and Bridges To Grace are about as authentic as they come. That wraps it up for this weeks diary post, see you back next week, same time for the next page… wink emoticon

Don’t forget to hit Free The Jester’s 2nd annual Greenfest on Friday at the Palomino, after-party to follow at Spikes with PLEANTY of live music at both spots! As always, feel free to say if you see me!



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