10 weeks 4-29-15

Tonight marks the 10th week of the After Hour Diaries, so tonight’s entry is going to be a bit different. Who saw a show this weekend?? Cause holy crap there were a TON to chose from, (recap: Greenfest on Friday,  Orgy on Saturday, Tech N9ne on Sunday, and Volebeat on Monday) which actually brings me to tonight’s topic: Spokane’s local music scene.

The more I get involved-not only with the shows and music, but with the artists and their fan base- the more addicted I become! I can honestly say to all our local musicians: you are truly blessed. You have an incredible fan base full of loyal, dedicated, and genuine people- and fans: you are devoting that love to some incredibly talented and hard working musicians, way to go Spokane! ^_^

My goal is to encourage as many people as I can to start supporting our local revenue so we can help these local talents get some of the recognition they deserve and achieve the dreams they are busting their asses for.. Here’s a look into some of the nights I’ve had the privilege of being a part of recently

See you next week!



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