Mercy Brown 3-11-15

Seven cycles & Mercy Brown opened for Machinehead at the knit on Sunday night- and I had the privilege of being right above their heads  So what caught my attention? The enthusiastic crowd jumping around and cheering? The Content faces with beer flowing past their smiling lips? Or maybe the sound of the instruments beating through the amps overhead? No. Though these were all wonderful, that can be found anywhere. What captivated me completely (and turned me into a stammering little fan girl) was Mercy brown. The entire band played with a phenomenal energy, and OMG, Sera Hatchett’s voice! Standing at roughly 5’5″ and maybe a buck twenty soaking wet, this dainty little thing can scream with the vocal power and energy of a possessed banshee- in the best way imaginable! Deep and throaty with lyrics that get your heart racing, while simultaneously easing your soul with the smooth musical vibrations. Seemingly flawless transitions from deep and powerful screams to a sweet gentle hymn that invites you in like a mother to her child. Her vocal range is hard to believe until you hear it for yourself- combine it with the adrenalizing musical styling of the other hand members and you’ve got yourself nothing short of a BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE. I had to get up from my chair and walk down to the front of the stage to get a closer look, and when their set was finished it left me wanting more! Who the hell were they?! Why haven’t I heard them before?! Within minutes I was bing-Ing them to search FB and Youtube in between meeting some of my followers (such a pleasure by the way-you’re all wonderful!!) and an adventure in the ladies room with two lovely ladies who offered to block the door-less stall so I could pee in privacy lol- Thanks Arli and Signa, you won’t soon be forgotten! I was able to chat briefly with the band after their set (when I turned fan girl) and very much look forward to setting up an official interview here in the near future to see what we can expect next. All said and done~ Mercy Brown is a MUST see and the start of Daisy Devines “Who to watch” list.. Between their talent and showmanship you certainly won’t regret it!



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