What IS After Hour Diaries?

I keep getting asked: “What is After Hour Diaries?” Well, it’s time for you to find out! To start, allow me to introduce myself- I am Daisy Devine, alternative pin-up model and bad-ass rocker bitch with a heart of… well, not quite gold- but its at least silver quality. I’m passionate about art in all its forms- and for me, nothing really speaks to my soul quite like people expressing themselves passionately. Anyone can follow a recipe, but if their heart isn’t in it or they don’t enjoy cooking then the food will always taste a bit bland. However, take someone that LOVES food and turn them lose in a barely stocked kitchen and they’ll blow your mind with the amazing creations they come up with. Same applies to music, tattoos, etc..

I’ve made it my personal mission to search the underground music scene of the Inland Northwest to seek out the hard-working talent deserving of some much needed recognition. Each week I will update my followers (you clearly have great taste- just sayin. ~_^) on the latest bands I’ve checked out, informing you about their sound, the type of energy they inspire, along with the various venues I visit. I will be posting videos, pictures, links and interviews here each week as I uncover the best in local music as well as the top-of-the-line body modification artists around.

It’s time to get amplified people! Lets pump some new life into the still beating heart of our very own communities, it’s our job and privilege to chose what our next generation of music will sound like- so let’s shape it how we want it, from the quality, even to the quantity of names we push forth into the music community. We all know Bing Crosby and Kurt Cobain emerged from Washington, but the talent certainly doesn’t end there! Myles Kennedy attended Mead High School and SFCC, Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains lead guitar/ co-lead vocals) stems from Tacoma, Chris Cornell (lead vocals for Soundgarden) from Seattle- the list goes on (oh-my-god.. Sir mix-a-lot is from Bremerton… but we won’t hold that against them).

My point: Let’s get to know our talent!

Your role: You know a band that kicks some ass? Tell me about them! If you’re in a band and want me to check out your stuff- email me a demo!
I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about various bands and plan to check some out this weekend- so be here next Tuesday at 2 for Daisy Devine’s After Hour Diaries to get my take on these aspiring musicians and more! Thank you for the astounding support and I look forward to many exciting adventures together!


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